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The save file data contains info via Skyrim.esm / Update.esm and any other plugins you are using, nothing from the exe or actual game code is stored there as far as I'm aware.
(Format is a bit different but as with Morrowind the .ess file is basically a "mod" loading up the changes you've done to the game and your character to try and describe it fairly simple.)


Originally Posted by The Chubu View Post
Quest advancement and other stuff is saved too. Cells that are not renewed are saved in their most recent appearance until the game renews the cell and its flushed of the save file (from there it comes the issue with PS3 low performance).

Inside quest advancement you have script variables, NPCs, objects, inside cells, more objects, more NPCs.

Read my example, you dont have to store SkyBoost into a save file for it to bork something. If for some reason, a script variable is assigned wrong, or updated wrong, or something like that, it may end up on your savegame file.

As i said, Skyboost operates on a very low level, it doesnt needs to affect directly stuff that happens on the game, like object IDs or scripts, it just needs that the game uses one of the functions it optimizes in a way that it isnt prepared to work for any action the game may want to do, from simple NPCs schedule updating, to massive scripted events like Alduin's battles.

Wich is what happened for a bunch of users that started a new game with r2.
Yes, quests, scripts, gmst, globals cells and all that (All modified records the player alters in his/her game.) are stored as modified from the save file, and are all part of Skyrim.esm or Update.esm originally.

Code changes via Skyrim.exe (Or when said code is modified via SkyBoost / TesVal or similar.) should not be saved or stored in any way though such changes can affect the save game of course.

Since such modified data can interfere with the how the game works or well how the game engine operates (Like say the example you showed or the typo error in the code from the first release of TesVal.) the behavior of the game changes accordingly, I notice a bit more stuttering with SkyBoost myself but it's improved a bit (It wasn't very noticeable to begin with though.) in this second r4 test release. (Being that it operates on the source code of Skyrim or well it's exe file or what to call it any mistake can be very severe although usually Skyrim just does that silent crash to desktop when it encounters such a bug.)

I'm not that good at explaining so I apologize if I misunderstood you.

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