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08/14/2012 Update (link)

DOWNLOAD Doom3 NiukNiuk pack (sikkmod v1.2 wulfen v2) 1.16Gb


Unzip it on a CLEAN Doom 3 install.

Read the included readme's

Here's a copy/pasta of the Main one:

NiukNiuk's Doom 3 Pack (Sikkmod 1.2 & Wulfen v2/Monoxead texture mods)

First of all A BIG thank you to these modders for their fantastic work !

Sikkmod's Doom3World link:
Wulfen's texture pack:
Monoxead's texture pack:
6th Venom for his Doom3 ROE HQ mainmenu: and

Guru3D link:

This pack Includes

- Sikkmod 1.2 for Doom 3
- Sikkmod 1.1 for RoE
- Monoxead's textures
- Wulfen's textures v2 (+ the texture fix by IntelQ9550Reaktor)
- 6th Venom's Doom3 ROE HQ mainmenu menu (modified by myself to display sikkmod config menu) for Doom 3 and RoE
- My new (awesome) loading screens
- And a PDA mail containing all the locker codes

- The texture packs work for Doom 3 and RoE.


IMPORTANT: DO THIS ON A CLEAN DOOM 3 INSTALL ! Remove my previous pack (if you have downloaded it)

- Unpack the contents of the first folder into your Doom 3 install directory
- (optional step) Next, choose a parallax effect (glprogs folder)
- Launch Doom 3, select "mods" then "Sikkmod 1.2"
Or better: create a shortcut to Doom3.exe, and add +set fs_game sikkmod to its target (see Sikkmod's readme for more info).
- Go into the game's options menu, then navigate to "system" and select "ultra quality", texture quality options to "very high" and finally modify the anti aliasing setting. I suggest putting 2xAA and forcing Supersample (or similar) in your graphic driver settings.
- Click apply, the game will quickly restart. Quit it (yeah, really).
- Restart the game again, play

************************************************** *
(optional) Choose a parallax shader(GLPROGS) effect
************************************************** *

- GLPROGS folder, and the new parallax methods: Introduced with Sikkmod 1.2, there are now 5 different ways to render "volume" on textures. These variations are located under the "glprogs" folder (in base or sikkmod folder). These methods are: "Parallax", "parallax with offset limiting", "POM" "relief" and "Steep Parallax". To select one: simply copy the two files contained in its folder (interactions.vfp and test.vfp) to the root of the GLPROGS folder. And if you don't know which one to choose, here's a quick comparison:

Please refer to the readme included in "2_Choose a parallax effect (optional, eye candy)" folder for more info.

(optional) My setting files

If you're using my autoexec.cfg file, please open it first with notepad before launching the game, and read what's inside (modify it according to your needs).
You can customize (force) your screen resolution thanks to the autoexec.cfg file.

You'll also see that I've added some in-game shortcuts to enable/disable some effects (you can customize the keys and add new ones):

T toggles third person view mode on & off
Y toggles the HUD on & off
U toggles the weapon on & off
I toggles Depth of field on & off
O toggles SSAO effect on & off
P toggles soft shadows on & off (huge performance hit, but it's pretty ^^)


Q: I can't play the game ! I can't see anything ! everything seems distorted/zoomed etc...
A: You're playing on an ATI card right? Well there's a bug between the catalyst AI and Sikkmod. The solution is: Disable the catalyst AI (it's a bit tricky now, since ATI disabled this option in its recent drivers, see for more info), or - easier - rename Doom 3's executable to something else (like "Doom3ATI.exe" for example). This will disable the catalyst AI (and disable crossfire by the way) and the mod will work fine.

Q: Something is wrong with the letters/words on interactive panels/weapons display screens ! I can't read anything, they are deformed/blurred etc ...
A: You are probably using Edge AA (in sikkmod menu, under "color"). Disable it or lower the "AA sample scale" and/or "AA filter scale" values.

Q: I'm getting some weird shadows on skyboxes (sky background) and on objects in areas with lots of smoke?
A: SSAO causes this, disable it temporarily if you encounter this bug.

Q: I can't see my character in the bathroom mirrors !
A: Yeah, for some reason, you can't see your character in the mirrors (in the bathrooms for example), except when you're in thirdperson view...I don't know what causes this

Q: The console is showing errors when launching the game
A: There are some (31 I think) errors in the console, when launching a game: this is caused by sikkmod's "player skin" file (in "skins/"). If these are replaced by the default vanilla files, the console errors disappear but there are graphical anomalies in-game (when switching to third person view). If the sikkmod version is kept, the anomalies are gone, BUT you can't view your character model in mirrors (bathrooms) except if you're in third person view... If someone know how to fix this, let me know.

Q: Can I use noclip?
A: sure, type it (and every other cheat/command) in the console, have fun !

- Resurrection of Evil Sikkmod: it is recommended to create a shortcut to this mod (adding +set fs_game_base d3xp +set fs_game sikkmodd3xp in your shortcut target), and not launching it via Doom 3's mod menu or else 6thVenom's HQ menu may exhibit some strange behaviour (like text not showing under the selected maps, lots of errors in the console etc...).

- If, for some reason, you're getting some graphical errors (when applying someone else's sikkmod settings for example), like low rez textures, effects not working etc... simply delete the DoomConfig.cfg file, it will be recreated "clean" the next time the game is launched.

Performance tips

If you have low performance, do this:

- Don't use SSAO/SSIL and/or soft shadows
- Don't use any custom glprogs effects (leave the folder empty)
- Depth of field effect also has a moderate impact on fps, leave it disabled if you don't like it/don't need it.


- Autoexec.cfg and DoomConfig.cfg can be opened with notepad to edit/modify them. My autoexec.cfg file is based upon UpsetChaps Doom3Guide: and

- Benchmark command:
Open the console (press Crtl + Alt + ~ ), then type "timedemo demo1.demo usecache" (without the ") and press enter.
The benchmark function from 6th venom's HQ menu doesn't seem to use Sikkmod settings.

Enjoy !

NiukNiuk 08 2012

PDA Email containing the locker codes:

New loading screens (for Doom 3 and Resurrection of Evil)

Some random screenshots, taken using my actual config (included in the pack)

Have fun

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