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Found another dead one on old driver from tbreak site but pops up so no link
but this guys mans up about it.sorta what i did with my made for oc'in 460 hawk he got "noobcaked greedy"
1.21v set
Thatís a good amount of scaling with a 77MHz overclock. Now given that the GTX 590 has the ability for voltage tweaking, I got really brave and decided to over-voltage the card as well as the speeds and see how far I can go. Using MSI Afterburner I increased the voltage by 75mV and bumping up the Core speeds to 753Mhz which resulted in an incredible score of 9816 on 3DMark 11 (p). Hoping to hit the 10k mark, I decided to bump the voltage to 125mV with Core speeds of 804Mhz. As 3DMark 11 was coming to a close, the whole system shutdown and I could see smoke coming out of the power cable connectors.
As the smell of burnt plastic and metal faded, I contacted Nvidia to try and see what happened. The GTX 590 should have been able to either handle the voltage increase, or simply failed to a BSOD or crashed the system. I certainly didnít expect it to die on me. Turns out the drivers provided by Zotac were 267.52 and the latest drivers from Nvidia, 267.71, have some fail-safe measures to protect the GTX 590 against over-voltage. So remember folks, a simple driver update can be the deciding factor between the life and death of a graphics card when youíre pushing it to the limits. Always update your drivers.

most other just use the swedsite

but while searching i did find find this reviewer BOSCO say he had 4 6990 die the same way...wait what? that did not make it in the news???

here he anwsers in thread about it in 590 reviewed thread page 4 -6
site is a no go at guru thuo plz just go to ^occ and see for your self

Ya the 6990's are not fairing much better I know of 4 cards that are dead
so far with 2 more having issues. One of ours died as well..... shakes head

Others have know this to he says later in thread but maybe were to scared to mention in reviews cus amd would not send them anymore cards

conclustion of that review

After our initial testing of the HD 6990 we moved the graphics card over to a backup system that we were using to test new games for our benchmarking suite. We were able to complete testing with the HD 6990 in some of our new benchmarks including; H.A.W.X 2, Lost Planet 2 and DiRT 2, however, when we were testing the performance of Dragon Age II the HD 6990 died on us. At the time of it's demise the card was set at the stock 830MHz setting and the BIOS switch was in the default position. This fact that it died could have been that we tested the graphics card at both the 375W and 450W settings, but since the review we have left the settings at default level.
Presently this leaves Neoseeker without a HD 6990 for future testing. AMD will not warranty the card so we are left with no choice but to reach out to their partners to see if we can get a sample. So, from this point on it will only be seen in the benchmarks that were used at the time of the review until we can get a replacement.

oh jeez so the shoes on the other foot now???

before you go nuts i hate both cards
i was just looking for dead 590 and in the closet was the same issues with the 6990 amd was maybe smarter have them die after a month??

boy i am baffled as some of you may be now..wth?
what a bombshell that is for everyone
now repeat after me
stop with this x2 core crap give us 28nm!!!

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