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RivaTuner is discontinued, sorry. All other non-profit oriented activity here including providing direct MSI Afterburner feedback and collecting end user suggestions in the forum is discontinued as well. The only factors affecting the tools I develop now are direct and reasonable requests of vendors per contracts, asking MSI to allow recently introduced video capture functionality to be available to everyone instead of locking it to MSI hardware only was the last freeware related stupidity I did.
That's not a question of needing money and charging you. That's a question of huge "fan" base visiting this place and throwing personal insults left and right after each release and after rejecting each fake bugreport and I'm deadly tired of it. I'm 200% disappointed in freeware scene and have no interest in it anymore, sorry. It is absolutely not fun to waste good part of your life on contributing the community then see such "fan clubs" in the different forums inspired by the next RTFM hater.
Try to contact somebody like that mr. Matrices himself, I'm pretty sure that all of those "fan club" members are much more experienced and can provide their own products as a replacement and provide daily and high quality support as well. And whiny little bitch and ****ty ******* will gladly have a lesson of social skills from those nice and polite people.

Alexey Nicolaychuk aka Unwinder, RivaTuner creator
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