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Videocard: MSi N570GTX TFIII [OC|PE]
Processor: Intel C2Q 9450 @ 3.576GHZ
Mainboard: Gigabyte GA-X48-DS5 [F8H]
Memory: Corsair D. 2x2GB @1073MHZ
Soundcard: XFi Fatality Pro [SB046A]
PSU: Tagan Piperock 600W [48A]
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lol or nvidia with its bilinear anisotropic filtering., same $hit different story..

you have to manually force trilinear ingame (Fear1,2 and few other games) and then force anisotropic filtering in driver to get normal filtering - trilienear aniso filtering without that bow wash effect..

with blurred filtering in the middle

or force trilinear in config file (unreal 3 games) otherwise same bow wash -bliniear aniso filtering..

or this lame trick in nv control panel: transparency antialiasing - multisampling mode with older gpus G80, g92, g200.. with new 2xx.xx drivers it forces them to use some weak supersampling method instead of true multisampling like with older drivers, but Fermi g100, 104, 110 is allowed and is still using this normal multisampling method.

with old drivers 195 and up to 198 it was normal

but now with newer 257 and up to most recent 263.xx its forced to use supersampling: AA_MODE_REPLAY_MODE_ALPHA_TEST = uglier image

dont get me wrong i like nvidia, its just these small things that make me mad., and these small things matter the most since it represents final product.

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