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Lapping i7 results
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Post Lapping i7 results - 01-20-2009, 20:54 | posts: 470 | Location: NC

Hi all,

I mentioned on here before Christmas that I would post my results once I lapped my i7. I lapped my cpu on December 28th but it's taken my lazy ass this long to follow up with the results. Please note that the room temperature is still the same (70 degrees F) on both the pre-lap pictures and the after lapping pictures and in both instances the computer had been switched on for about 2 hours. Only differences I see is in the first pics I only had 83 processes running in task manager but in the after pics that is now 89 processes. This wont effect the results and if anything should show a slightly higher idle temp.

Anyway, here we go...............first pictures are my system at idle and then at full load (full load only held for 30 seconds, for testing purposes)



Now the next set of pictures are the lapping stage, all shot with some spare DDR2 memory as a back drop so you can see the mirror effect better. First picture is after a few minutes with 800 grit sand paper, notice how high the middle of the processor is?

This was taken after I finished with the 800 grit and spent another 5 minutes with 1000 grit

This next picture was taken after a few minutes of 1500 grit

This is the last lapping picture after about 5 minutes with 2000 grit sandpaper

Well lets see if all the work was worth the effort.


LOAD AFTER LAPPING (only loaded for 30 seconds, just for testing purposes)

As you can see a huge difference and well worth the 30-45 minutes work. As pointed out above, there is a big time difference from when I lapped to when I tested, sorry about that but as mentioned the ambient room temp is the same.
The idle temps didn't change by a whole lot which is expected but the load temps are night and day.

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