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nVNews is prohibited to link to Riva Tuner for having members protest against Russia's invasion of Georgia.
nvnews is prohibited to link RivaTuner for dual moderation standards and for neverending national insults of any Russian trying to post anything you don't like to hear there.

nvnews is boycotted for that
and for that
and for that
and for that
and for that
and for that
and for that
and for that

That's not called a protest, national discrimination is the only proper name for such things and RivaTuner is not for such community for sure whenever you like it or not. Also, I've expressed my POV here and got my account locked in political forum after that, probably the things posted there don't fit in moderator's "let's show Russians as agressors" ideas.
So please go home and continue having a fun there, no need to register new and new accounts and bring newnews stuff here, you have a big thread about it there so continue having a fun outside this forum please.

Alexey Nicolaychuk aka Unwinder, RivaTuner creator