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big4x4 07-13-2003 05:02

Quake 3 arena fps??????
Hello, I am not getting very good fps in quake 3! In my system to the left, I only get about 91 fps max! I hear people getting over 100, even with like mx400's! BTW, I am judging the fps with fraps. Anyone know what could be wrong?

Neo_Potency 07-13-2003 05:06

Your framerate is being capped. Unfortunately i myself do not know how to unlock it. It's a command in the console, try goggling for it.

Ultraq 07-13-2003 09:39

By default, Quake 3 has a framelimit of 85fps, which is a nice number to stick with, but of course you want to see how high it can go.
Edit the 'q3config.cfg' file in your Quake3/baseq3 folder. Look for the line:
seta com_maxfps "85"
and just change the value in the quotation marks. Just pick a number you know your card will never reach (500 is what I use when wanting to see the framerate).
The console command for that would probably be \com_maxfps "500"
and you might need to do a \vid_restart for the settings to take effect.

Now that's just Q3's framecap. V-Sync is another one. Just turn that off in your OpenGL options and watch those frames fly! :)

bankrobber 07-13-2003 09:59

yea 90+ fps is so bad..haha

mantra_sone 07-13-2003 14:29

Ummm, heh, didn't people say that the human eye can't tell the difference between 60 fps and 61+?

nOv1c3 07-13-2003 18:17

Dont forget that alot of the online server have there fsp capped also ..So geting 10000000000 fps not gona do you any good playing online :P

big4x4 07-13-2003 21:10

I dont really care how high my fps is, I just was curious because I am seeing people getting really high framerates! 91 is good for me! Thank you for your help

nOv1c3 07-14-2003 01:42

Here you go big4x4 this an old site but it has a nice autoexec creator around with deferent seting and you should see alot beter FPS :)

mjmaskrey 07-14-2003 13:25

If you want to check what FPs you can get, use Q3 bench as that must remove the FPS cap while it's running as you can get 350+ FPS.

Obviously that won't help while playing but 90 is good and pretty good for a cap limit, GTA Vice City caps at 30.......THIRTY :mad:

If the cap is removed and you get, let's say 350 FPS if you hit a demanding section or part and FPS drop to say 200 you will notice a stutter as it drops, trust me ;)

If it's constant 200 you won't notice any difference, but you will notice a change as the FPS dips i guarantee it.:D

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