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Kopzr 08-09-2011 01:15

HD 4770 flickering and lock ups
Hello everybody

First of all excuse me for my poor english, i'll try to explain my problem the best i can.

As you can see i have a rather old VGA, which was never overclocked (despite a few failed attempts) since whenever i increased memory clocks my screen started to flicker in any game. Found out today it was powerplay, making clock jumps. I managed to disable it using a catalyst preset (editting the xml), but i can't get afterburner to work.

It will either reactivate powerplay (when i disable AMD overdrive), or it will reset the clocks when i hit apply :bang:

Also, when i set it to 'overclock on start up' it will freeze my computer as soon as CCC loads up (thats what it looks like, as windows run for about a minute before locking up, no CCC icon on the tray)

I already tryied to set profiles for 2D-3D modes on afterburner, but it didn't seem to work

I am currently running on catalyst 11.8 preview.

Kopzr 08-09-2011 18:29


I've flashed an ASUS bios, did a clean install of CCC and got it to work, but now i can't change the voltage.

It is unlocked, i can change the voltage in the program, but when i run furmark GPU-Z shows that the voltage is at 1.0 (stock)

Heres a screen:

Any clues to what might be going on?

msi-afterburner 08-10-2011 15:29

GPU-Z didn't actually show the real voltage but driver's result. So it's normal you can't see any difference.

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