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SaberJ2X 03-25-2011 14:10

new 3dfx rig!
it's to hold me over until a friend decides to give me back one I made him to test :P

P3 450Mhz @ 555mhz
Intel SE440BX-2 <- ****
384 PC133 SDRAM
3dfx Voodoo 3 3000 (166/166) 16MB
CD burner
Win98 + SP3.0 b4 (unofficial obviously)

um... I'm missing a sound card... lol, so no audio for the moment

3dfx running @ 195

p0ppa 03-25-2011 15:02

I actually miss the old green pcb's:banana:

Passion Fruit 03-25-2011 19:13

Been getting a bit nostalgic myself, i'd love to build up a new P3 system like my old one. Still got a 5500 AGP laying around somewhere.

Mannerheim 03-25-2011 20:01

I have 3x 3dfx machines but im missing monitors for em =( "And table space"
P3 500 + Voodoo2
P200MMX + Voodoo2
Thunderbird 850MHz (engineering sample)+ Voodoo3 2000

SaberJ2X 03-30-2011 01:23

all I got in this one is a 450Mhz, that I can only oc up to a miserable 465, due to sound card going ape**** any higher than that.... but without it I can set the fsb to 123mhz and burn the cpu @ almost 560mhz

but the 41mhz pci speed makes the sound card uneasy
and yea the program jumps from 104fsb to 123mhz

SaberJ2X 03-30-2011 23:21

got a soundblaster live, OCs perfect again

yelsewshane 04-26-2011 16:24

I just put together a system with parts I had.

intel p3 766 (I think is the mhz don't feel like checking right now)
256mb ram 1 stick
40gb 7200rpm hard drive
nvidia agp 4000 gpu
3dfx voodoo gpu
sound blaster 64
10/100 ethernet card
cd re/rw
15 in crt monitor
3.5 floppy
windows 98se os

sucker runs great lol amazeing how it surfs the internet just as fast as my big boy rig... geez makes you wonder wtf is going on with software developers that a machine 15 plus years old is perfectly capable to do anything you want and fast. Only thing it can't do good is run the new console ports fast enough but if your not into games dam... no need for a better computer.

SaberJ2X 04-26-2011 22:55

what browser are you using? I'm using opera 10.60, runs fast enough

SaberJ2X 05-04-2011 15:47

well I upgraded the cpu in the system...

tualatin celeron 1.3ghz... slocket T

lol pentium pro...

noisy ****er...

I also added a Geforce2 GTS I had lying around from a busted system I had...
nice find was that it was 5ns memory... rare for geforce2 gts...

from 200/333 now it's clocking 230/490... but will install the 3dfx again... or build another system... hmmmm....

SaberJ2X 05-05-2011 18:12

btw, the modded GF2 I'm testing for the moment...

a MX4000 heatsink + ASUS ramsinks from this 5600

plus artic silver and krazy glue :D

for reference a stock GF2 looked like this...

BuildeR2 05-05-2011 19:40

This is an awesome nostalgia thread, keep it up. I am still using a 1Ghz celeron from the socket 3?? something days. It has been running XP for 9 years now.

Anyway, love the pics for comparison. Keep us updated with your OC results and what not.

SaberJ2X 05-06-2011 00:04

well the thing runs Quake3 @ 1280x1024x32bit @ 81.1fps demo002 and 77.8 demo001

which according to some PCGamer mags of the era... for a 1.3Ghz tualatin celeron vs an 1Ghz Athlon in the mag with a GF2 ultra, @ 74fps in demo001 I suppose, mine's a hair faster

SaberJ2X 05-06-2011 15:24


Originally Posted by BuildeR2 (Post 3974029)
This is an awesome nostalgia thread, keep it up. I am still using a 1Ghz celeron from the socket 3?? something days.

socket 370 :D

well, it all started as when I was messing around with a glide wrapper... nglide... and I bought 4 3dfx voodoo3s after that...

then of the 7 or so old PC cases that had from non paying customers, I dismantled them, and completed them to 2 working systems. (those PCs have been sitting in my house for eons)

and I installed them in older cases of my computer.

one was the P3 I described in the first post, the other was the now Celeron 1300, that it was a Pentium 3 700

both had 384MB of ram, 80GB IDE harddisk and 450+ watt modern PSUs

the 1300 is a browsing PC, not sure if I'll add another harddisk and install a minimal WinXP with chrome and MirandaIM...

oh, word of wisdom... only install the Win98SE SP 2.1a... SP 3.0 corrupts the harddisk slowly

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