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Gameslove 02-22-2011 21:53

BulletStorm changing "BaseEngine.ini" - disable gfwlive. Any fix?
BulletStorm changing "BaseEngine.ini" - disable gfwlive (can't start gfwlive after that). :( Any fix?

Want to change:
bDisablePhysXHardwareSupport=True to false

bSmoothFrameRate=True to false

Any others graphical settings. :rolleyes:

Damien_Azreal 02-22-2011 22:04

Should always backup your files before doing any tweaking. Otherwise, your best bet is to either find someone willing to give you a copy of their file (if that'll even work) or reinstall the game.

Gameslove 02-22-2011 22:08


Originally Posted by Damien_Azreal (Post 3894654)
Should always backup your files before doing any tweaking. Otherwise, your best bet is to either find someone willing to give you a copy of their file (if that'll even work) or reinstall the game.

Yes, I saved default file "BaseEngine.ini". I want to use modification "BaseEngine.ini" with woking Games for Windows Live application in game.

Xendance 02-22-2011 22:50

You don't want to edit the Base config files. They're used as backup from which the game builds the actual configuration files if they're deleted or corrupted.

TheHunter 02-22-2011 23:10

lol he meant how to edit since they're encrypted...

idk either, guess we will have to wait for some kind of reading tool.

btw you dont need to mod it in game folder, but in my documents/my games/bulletstorm/config/..

JonasBeckman 02-23-2011 05:23

There's a release out by Flt using a older build of the game ( v1.0.7094.0 in the exe version information.) although this specific exe is also used on the real retail version before the patch is applied though the INI data is still encrypted.
(Possibly also Steam is using this earlier version from what I've read though it uses LIVE and is patched just the same.)

Patch changes this to v1.0.7111.0 and enforces INI encryption (And you can update from 7094 should you want to, which is recommended as it fixes a variety of game breaking bugs, glitches and problems, it's likely a form of secondary protection to have used a older exe with easily recognized problems (Easy to spot in the forums and such for them.) and then once you sign in you get the proper update albeit this is flawed since some people prefer using offline profiles and won't sign in, though apparently the offline profile system requires you to sign in at least once in this game so it doesn't matter and you get updated as the patch is required or the game will log you out if you don't install it.)

As from what I know at least not entirely sure this is correct.
(I uploaded the patch earlier since I found reports on how it fixed a variety of game scripts and triggers and that not everyone will use the game online and thus be able to acquire it that way plus it's just a patch and not illegal in any way or form.)

EDIT: Most of this is from the official forums so might be slightly incorrect and maybe even over-exaggerated but I don't know, not easy to find such details.
(Some say the game works just fine without the update, others get problematic sluggish controls, incorrect visuals or other glitches and several scripts bug out and needs to have the level restarted from the latest checkpoint, I'd recommend updating but it's hard to find any specific info as I said since there's no real changelog and the patch if you unpack it say via the /f parameter to force a install location is the game exe, think it was some few support files like .dll's and such and all INI files but in a encrypted format as mentioned so impossible to see what was altered.)

Corrupt^ 02-23-2011 22:52

Found a solution on the net. All u need to do is install NET framework 4.0 and then drag it onto an exe file which decrypts it.

Edit to your liking, then drag it back in the exe and tada it's encrypted again.

If anyone wants the file, pm me.

Gaz 02-24-2011 02:43

Use this file to decrypt and incrypt.

C:\Users\Stevejoba\Documents\My Games\BulletStorm\StormGame\Config>inicrypt.exe StormEngine.ini

then run it again to encrypt after doing your stuff ;)
btw make sure that the exe is in the same path

Corrupt^ 02-24-2011 09:29

Yep it's that file, just drag it in there and tada.

xxvvxx 02-24-2011 17:49

Pls help me ^^ Iam German and i dont understand how the Encypter Works ;( BaseEngine.ini is still crypted by me.... someone helps me or pls give me a edited base engine ini ^^

PhysX crash in Bulletstorm.
1. Delete the StormEngine.ini in C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\Documents\My Games\BulletStorm\StormGame\Config
2. Open the BaseEngine.ini with Notepad in \Bulletstorm\Engine\Config
3. Press STRG+F paste this: bDisablePhysXHardwareSupport=True
4. Click on search
5. Change the value from True to False, like this: bDisablePhysXHardwareSupport=False
6. Close notepad and save the file.
7. Try to start Bulletstorm.
Do as above steps, you can easily fix Bulletstorm PhysX crash issue!

xxvvxx 02-25-2011 16:09

Why no help now?? I Think you all know this??

TheHunter 02-25-2011 16:20


Originally Posted by xxvvxx (Post 3897721)
Why no help now?? I Think you all know this??

download bulletstorm ini editor exe (google it) or use this link - i just uploaded but idk if it will last for long

then run this program and open stormengine.ini

its found @ C:\Users\yourname\Documents\My Games\BulletStorm\StormGame\Config

now config it like you want it.., but idk about phsyx, its ok here (on or off)

JonasBeckman 02-25-2011 16:21

BaseEngine should usually be left alone, as should all core INI files and data (Movies can be altered to skip logos though.) better to editing the C:\Users or C:\Documets and Settings\ version, LIVE (And UE3 as well.) will interfere otherwise as the game will detect the modified file as invalid so it's better for any modifications to be done to the user files holding customized settings and the like. :)

(C:\Users\UserNameHere\My Documets\My Games\Bulletstorm\Stormgame\Config)

xxvvxx 02-25-2011 17:50

when i open inicrypt it cloeses automaticly...can i upload my ini here and someone edited for me?

bliss007 02-25-2011 17:58

The PhysX crash some get is due to the files in the game being old !

Replace them with the ones from the Nvidia folder, I assume its same for ATI as you need PhysX installed regardless if its CPU or GPU !

Redemption80 02-25-2011 18:00

:3eyes: Dupe post.

Redemption80 02-25-2011 18:00


Originally Posted by xxvvxx (Post 3897841)
when i open inicrypt it cloeses automaticly...can i upload my ini here and someone edited for me?

You don't open it, you either use it through cmd prompt or drag the .ini onto the file.

xxvvxx 02-25-2011 18:52

Do you mean this here? But i copey the same datas from Ati FOlder and not from nvidia?

2# Bulletstorm PhysX Problem PhysX Install Issues
Using hardware accelerated PhysX has been requested, but the drivers were out of date. Please download the latest drivers FATAL ERROR Exiting
Install PhysX that comes with the game from the installation directory.


Copy files from:
C:\Program Files(x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\PhysX\Common\
and paste them to \Binaries\Win32\PhysXLocal\ of the game directory.

bliss007 02-25-2011 20:19

Do exactly what it says in guide above so the second option you mentioned !

You will have the same Nvidia Corporation folder even on ATI because it is put there by installing PhysX which some games need to even run on ATI cards.

I never got the error so cannot confirm either way, I did it for good measure and to get hardware PhysX working (may have worked without swapping to newer files but again good measure) !

xxvvxx 02-25-2011 21:58

my ati folder doesnt have a phyx x folder :(

xxvvxx 02-25-2011 23:10

ok i did it with the inicrypt but...i editet i from true to false but it doesnt hellp...other ways`?? -__-

bliss007 02-25-2011 23:46

It is not in C:\NVIDIA or C:\ATI (where your GPU drivers) go !

It is in " C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\PhysX\Common "

xxvvxx 02-26-2011 00:36

i try it with the nvidia corporation folder earliert but it doesnt helped ^^ ....

xxvvxx 02-26-2011 23:43

money is gone nice... or can someone help me over teamviewer?

XPert256 03-10-2011 21:15

Does anyone know of a way to remove the native crosshair in the game?

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