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RS-X 12-26-2010 03:49

Stream supported video converter
Dear Friends now days I used to convert a lot of videos for my Media player and mobile. I am currently using Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate 6 for converting my videos. As I find it most easy and customizable according to my preference. I have tried Cyber link Media espresso and ArcSoft Media Converter 7 Both supported AMD Stream but none is as good and easy as Xilisoft. The Xilisoft use CUDA . And it much faster on an intel dual core system with GT220 when cuda is on then mine.

The AMD built-in converter is no go for me. Please suggest me a good convert (AMD stream support). If things doesn’t work out well I think I,ll be forced to go to intel + nvidia as they perform so much better in video conversion and MS office (also used a lot by me).

RS-X 12-26-2010 14:49

Still waiting for reply ppl

slickric21 12-26-2010 14:58

there was a thread in here similar recently.

have a look at this list

Video purists will chastise you for not using a cpu only solution (handbrake et al) - but GPU accelerated encoders are sweet for portable devices imo.

(Real video purists don't converter video anyway...but thats a different matter)

The best I found for ATI stream was MediaExpresso 6, but it doens't handle DTS streams which is its downfall.

I recently sold my 5870 and went GTX 570..... the choice is now endless for Cuda encoders.

Currently using WinAVI, its perfomring very well and handles every file I've thrown at it.
Interface isn't as slick as Mediaexpresso 6, but its file handling capabilties are better.

In short, if you really want GPGPU go nvidia !!!!

RS-X 12-27-2010 03:34

Any other option.

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