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delhan 03-06-2010 22:58

ATI drivers aspect ratio / scale options?
i have been needing to have my 5850 not transforming to 16:10 / 16:9, the image of applications that are originally 5:4 / 5:3 . I found that Catalysts have those options in XP but cant find something similar in my Seven 64 ...

Any ideas ?

Rik55 03-06-2010 23:27

CCC - Graphics - Desktop & Displays - Right click small monitor - Configure - Attributer - tick Enable GPU scaling - Maintain aspect ratio.

Earlier Win7 Cat drivers had this option greyed out. You had to try lowering the desktop resolution untill it was available. This isn't a problem with the Cat10series.

delhan 03-06-2010 23:40

Thanks :)

I updated 9.12 to 10.2 a while ago. (didn't uninstall 9.12 ...) The enable GPU Scaling option is available to tick but the sub-options are greyed out ...

MLS 03-07-2010 03:24

Yeah, that has been the case for me since probably 9.11, I don't expect they plan on fixing it anytime soon even through there have been multiple threads on their forums and I submitted a ticket to the driver team as well.

If you lower your resolution to a widescreen res lower than native it may let you change it, then you can just switch back.

Nvidia drivers had (have?) problems with scaling in Win7 as well. There must've been some radical change in 7 that requires a tremendous amount of resources to fix or something.

delhan 03-07-2010 22:58

i tried that , tried also some utility someone made there in their forums, nada ....

AbjectBlitz 03-07-2010 23:23

I cant use that option as it is grayed out in Win7 since 10.2 and 10.3. Earlier drivers worked fine...

delhan 03-07-2010 23:25

what widnows you are running? was it working ok with 9.12 ?

Rik55 03-08-2010 00:15

Goodness. I think you are right. It used to work.

Ahh. Got it working. I thought it had been fixed. Still got to lower your res. Keep CCC open on the GPU scalling page and use the CCC icon in the task bar to lower the resolution. I only needed to go to the next res (1440x900). It does unlock the rest of the greyed options.

delhan 03-08-2010 00:50

nada again, my problem is not to unlock the options when at a lower than native resolution, but to keep the settings put then and there working when i am back to native and run a 5:4 game ... :(

I go to lower resolution, the options become available, i choose "keep aspect ratio" i siwtch back to native and they grey out again (and the "scale to full panel size" is ticked although greyed) ....

i run the games and they are distorted to 16:10 ...

They probably run ok i guess if i stay at their own resolution, (messing up my desktop etc) but thats kinda idiotic driver behavior for a modern driver design

edit: it can get more broke than that. i just tested running the game while i first set my desktop to 1024x768 and checked keep aspect ratio. It works for the desktop (alone). Guess what, the game expanded and transformed again to full screen 16:10 1680x1050. Closing the game, desktop is still at 1024x768 maintaining 5:4 aspect ratio. Go figure ....

and there are some asses mods there in that forum, hiting you on the head and lock threads if you dare mention that. Go figure II ...

Rik55 03-08-2010 01:36

Just tested it with my setup. Lowered desktop res to 1280x768, ticked GPU scalling and Maintain ratio. Ran 3Dmark01 at 1024x768 and it maintained ratio 4:3. Usually it's streched to full panel size 1680x1050.

edit - more testing: the setting works for me with all resolutions. Different games at diff res. Only had to enable it and it sticks for all res. This is with Cat10.3 press preview.

delhan 03-08-2010 08:11


what windows is it again ?

AnthraxPants 03-08-2010 08:24

Otherwise check WidescreenGamingForums for your game

delhan 03-08-2010 08:33

the same title works ok with GPU scaling in XP and 9.12 cats (and the CCC there has a better interface layout i think, except the lack of animated preview in 3D section)

Rik55 03-08-2010 15:09


It was on Win7 RTM with 10.3. First time I've actually used the feature. It was with a HD4850. The Centred Timing also works as expected. Maybe it's a 5series issue. Only tested with DX9. I'll fire up a DX10 and OpenGL, see if the Maintain Ratio works with these also.

edit: Interesting. All setting on the Desktop at diff res works. DX9 works as intended. DX10 doesn't work for everything. eg DX10 with 4:3 maintain aspect, scales to panel. But with Centred timing gives a maintain aspect ratio.
Ok, so DX9 & OpenGL work as intended. DX10 & 11, don't. Well not as intended.

delhan 03-08-2010 15:31

LOL what a mess :D will check too when i get home , thanks again ! :)


have the chance to check dx10 only and the only thing that works is centered timings WHILE still running the desktop on the lower resolution though. If get back to native resolution that doesnt work either.

Whats the best method to uninstall catalysts ? I dont want to mess and clean up all ATI related entries from registry as unfortunately have an ATi based tv tuner which is awfully quirky and cant tell what entries refer to what ...

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