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NarcoticV 03-29-2009 12:17

ATI and VGA widescreen
Hey everyone,

I was hoping you could help me with a driver problem I'm having with my ATI Mobility HD 2300 card. I'm using Catalyst 9.3 drivers modded through Mobility Modder.

I have a widescreen LCD (Samsung 2223NW) connected to my laptop through VGA (unfortunately, the monitor doesn't support DVI). At its native resolution (1680*1050) everything works fine. However, at non-native resolutions like 1280*800 (which I want to use in games because, well, HD 2300 :bang:), for some reason the graphics card automatically extends it to 1280*1024 with black bars above and below it. The result is that I can't stretch the image to fullscreen on my external monitor.

Because of the VGA connection, Control Center doesn't give any GPU scaling options. I have tried turning off EDID and manually setting the monitor's max resolution to 1280*800 - didn't work. I didn't find any options whatsoever to solve the problem in Control Center. I also briefly tried using Powerstrip, but that didn't present a solution.

Older Catalyst drivers, such as the latest Omega driver, that still use Catalyst Control Panel, do have the option I need. Somewhere in there there is an option saying "preserve widescreen aspect ratio" which I can turn off in order to get the right result. However, in Control Center it seems to be on by default and I can't change it anywhere.

So my questions are as follows:

- Is there any way to get my card to output the correct resolution over VGA in Control Center?
- If not, is there any way to use Catalyst Control Panel instead of CCC in combination with the latest Catalyst display drivers?

And lastly, assuming I can't solve this problem at all, do you think it would be a big difference in performance if I had to keep using old (based on 7.1 i think) Omega drivers as opposed to the latest official Catalysts?

Thanks in advance.

NarcoticV 04-06-2009 11:23


NarcoticV 04-07-2009 18:07

After some fiddling around, I found that the missing option didn't just have to do with using CP instead of CCC. I managed to combine the regular CP with a 9.3 display driver, and also the Omega driver's CP with the 9.3 display driver.

Unfortunately, it seems the option disappears when using this newer display driver and only appears when using the Omega display driver. I guess I can forget about getting that option in combination with Catalyst 9.3 then.

I'll be sticking with the Omega drivers for now.

maruko99 04-12-2009 10:18

Hello Narcotic, I'd like to ask you a few things.
I also have a Mobility HD 2300, which is a card the world forgot. Are you using Windows Vista? Because the mobility modder doesn't support the HD 2300 on XP (while it does on Vista ._.) and since I'm using XP I don't know how to install any driver.

With the laptop pre-installed driver I have a "light" CCC installed, but it is completely useless since it doesn't feature ANY option. You can change the resolution only, no 3D options, no 2D options, nothing.
So I was wondering how to enable antialiasing and stuff but there are no drivers on Earth which support the HD 2300, not even mobility modder on XP, not even AMD/ATI official site.

There are only this very very old Omega Driver...
How do they work? Can you change 3D options such as AA?

NarcoticV 04-12-2009 22:06

Hey maruko,

Now that you say this, I realize that indeed Mobility Modder does not support the HD2300 according to their site. However, I've been using the newest Catalyst drivers with Mobility Modder all the time on XP. So apparently, the information on the website is wrong and HD2300 seems to be supported anyway.

Did you actually try using mobility modder? If not, I suggest you do it even though it officially doesn't support the card. It has all the CCC options enabled and I've never had a single problem with it (except the one I started this thread about :)).

NarcoticV 04-12-2009 23:11

Oh, and if that doesn't work try this link:

It's a optimized version of Catalyst 9.2 (not the newest but close) by DNA, and the website states it has HD Mobility 2300 support.

maruko99 04-14-2009 18:26

Thank you Narcotic, that'd be a good news.
I'll try the mobility modder and the new one asap. (Besides, how you're doing with Omegas?)

ATM I'm having a problem with a HD 2600 PRO on a PC desktop because its Catalyst crashes with NET framework, and I can't risk to ruin the laptop environment too.
BTW I don't think I'll ever buy a ATI again.

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