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NapalmV5 11-23-2007 19:18

Meridian/4x OPA2134 vs Prelude/4x OPA2134 @ 7.1 Analog
Meridian: Default Mode - DTS connect
Analog Output: 7.1
DSP Mode: Disabled
Digital Volume: Disabled
Time Delay: Disabled
EQ: Default
Environment: No Environment (Default)
FlexBass: Enabled
Crossover Frequency: 50Hz
Speaker Choice: Small

Prelude: Game Mode
CMSS-3D: Stereo Surround
Stereo Envelopment: 30%
Upmix: Auto
Crystalizer: Disabled
EQ: Disabled
EAX Effects: Disabled
SVM: Disabled
Speaker Config: 7.1 Analog
Bass Redirection: Enabled
Crossover Frequency: 50Hz
Subwoofer Gain: Enabled
Bass/Treble: Default

going back and forth between the two, my notes based on my ears lol
- ~30% volume difference (same volume - 20% @ meridian 50% @ prelude) be it music, movie, game

- bass gain enabled on prelude to keep up with meridians bass, other opamps + raised bass levels the meridian has the upper hand, not to say the bass on the prelude disappoints

- audio processing, meridian: stamina prelude: speed, though some audio elements/detail sound better on the meridian while some audio elements/detail sound better on the prelude

- overall, neck in neck, i cant believe im saying this

just awed what auzen has made out of the x-fi, they turned turd into gold

hope their next sound card will feature more swappable opamps than just one

ROBSCIX 11-23-2007 20:06

I have owned both cards and they are very difficult to tell apart. Also, make sure with the Meridian that you have NO reverb effects on such as "generic" I remeber many gus in the forums yelling their cards don;t sound good meanwhile they had hard reverb enabled.

The Prelude also uses a LM4562 for the Front channels. some opamps sound very similar unless you know what to listen for. For instance, the OPA2134's sound nice, they have a high frequency "gloss" that most people do find appealing but it is actually distortion. Where as the LM4562's are very clear in the upper range. So much that they take some getting used to..

The bass is much better on the LM's also...not so tubby and loose like the 2134's

See if you can get your hands on some OPA2227's and OPA 2107's
The 27's have wicked tigh bass and the 2107's are recommended by many DiY'ers for headphone amps becasue of their clarity.

NapalmV5 11-24-2007 01:34

no reverb, had it went i first got the xmeridian, played around with environments and thats when it badly reverbed

by generic i meant, default, no environment

reason i changed to opa2134 @ front on prelude i wanted all channels have the same sounding vs xmeridian

yeh but since LM4562 is the only swappable opamp @ front, @ 7.1 the bass channel is on the opa2134 opamp not the LM4562

i dont know what the guys at auzen were thinking for not including swappable opamps @ all channels, the prelude is not just a gaming sound card (not just for headphones use only) - dvd, hd movies have never sounded this great on the x-fi

if ill settle on the LM4562 on the prelude im gonna get LM4562 soic for the other channels, though only the lme49860 soic available at the moment

tight bass? you said it once, twice, now again.. i'll definitely get a set of 2227s

thats why i got the LT1364 after opa2143, didnt know what to expect until i got'em on the xmeridian and got nasty, deep, apartmentshaking bass, cant wait for the 2227s

btw, Rob, whatever u do, please push the guys @ auzen for multi swappable opamps not just one on their next sound card

i'd happily pay 200$ for a card with no opamps just socketed and use whatever opamps

RejZoR 11-24-2007 04:15

It's not like OP-AMPS make all the difference. You can't really compare oranges with apples (Creative X-Fi vs C-Media Oxygen chip) along with bunch of other structural differences (even software and feature wise).

NapalmV5 11-24-2007 19:17


Originally Posted by RejZoR (Post 2508958)
It's not like OP-AMPS make all the difference. You can't really
compare oranges with apples (Creative X-Fi vs C-Media Oxygen chip) along with bunch of other structural differences (even software and feature wise).

thats what i said 6 months ago till i had my xmeridian @ stock opamps and wasnt really impressed with it till i tried the opa2134 and i was blown away by the difference it made

if the right components backup the opamps, output from opamps make a big difference at how everything sounds

these are the next opamps ill try on the xmeridian/prelude,

AD843, OPA627, OPA637 + brown dog
and a set of OPA2227s, must have

addition to OPA2134, LME49860, LT1364

any other interesting opamp/s i shuld take a look @ ? :)

AD8065/AD8066 ?

DoctorO 11-24-2007 20:10

lt1113 and lt1126 sound very good in my cmoy amp. but i havent tested them in my prelude yet.

ROBSCIX 11-24-2007 20:15

Don't waste your money on the OPA627's or 637's...they are very procy and many guys said you don;t get that much gains and they sound very similar to the LM's. Of course your vote is final.

N0sferatU 11-25-2007 19:07

LM4562 FTW :)

Having a powerful system (5.1 analog to Denon receiver) I appreciate the fact that they don't make the bass as "muddy" as the stock OPAMPs. I can't comment on the other OPAMPs but the LM's really make the bass TIGHT and deep but not overwhelming (more natural occurring).

alg7_munif 11-26-2007 00:46

I didn't jump to the Prelude yet since only the front channel OPAMP can be change without soldering, LM4562 rocks :banana:

ROBSCIX 11-26-2007 00:57

Sure BUT the OPA2134's aren't bad amps.

NapalmV5 11-27-2007 00:00

^they certainly arent

OPA2134 on prelude, crossover @ 40Hz - no more tubby and gets deep, earthshaking deep at least on my sound system, just beatifo bass

same story OPA2134 + meridian? heck no!

output from speakers is telling how the speakers + opamps compliment each other, on top of that: crossover, settings, etc.

OPA2134 on prelude is an awesome match at least for me it is lol

Rob, yeh im gonna pass the 637 but i gotta get at least the 627 for reference, gotta get a taste of the 627, opamps is like food to me and im hungry for more :D


+ bunch of other LT opamps



ROBSCIX 11-27-2007 00:17

Have fun. Eventually you have to stop and enjoy what you have instead of always looking for something better.

NapalmV5 11-27-2007 00:25

youre right lol just tasting though :D

the LME49860 (LM4562) on the xmeridian is gonna be hard to replace

Lupan 11-27-2007 18:05

OPA2134: recommended place to buy? :) Thx

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