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Shibly 08-01-2007 15:44

Nvidia Geforce 7600 GS
Hi, recently I purchased the above mentioned card. Ever since whenever I play Oblivion, the pc will crash either to desktop or will restart by itself.

It does not happen with my old card which was Geforce 5600. I would like to ask if the above mentioned card need to be connected to my power supply. I think that could be the problem but I could not find the source to connect to the power supply if any. I have also updated to the latest drivers.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and regards.

CronoGraal 08-01-2007 16:41

How big is your power supply?

Have you tried removing/re-installing the drivers?

Shibly 08-01-2007 16:54

yup, tried the drivers. my psu is 400W.

Sieras 08-01-2007 17:05

If your card is an AGP, then it should have the power connector on it. Which brand is it and is it an AGP or PCI-E card?

TylerTron21 08-01-2007 17:09

try more games and give us a update,

rl66 08-01-2007 22:12

same problem but the problem came from oblivion itself... since i get the update coming with the latest extension that solve most of the bug.

if you have 400w noname it should be a bit too weak... (same as 350w in fact)

rl66 08-01-2007 22:15

and ho btw NVidia 5xxx and 7xxx are not from the same technology you cannot compare even if they come both from nvidia and can use same driver. (same from 7xxx and 8xxx).

Shibly 08-02-2007 05:55

mine is pci-e card. i think it could have been because of my psu being 400w and could be too weak for the game but then again i wouldn't know.

i will try more games and keep an update. thanks for the reply guys.

Sieras 08-02-2007 15:13

The pci-e version doesn't need a power connector, because it can draw enough power from the slot itself, I also doubt that 400w PSU is not enough for that card. My guess is that it's just a game problem. Do more testing and keep us informed :)

And also disable the 'automatically restart' option so that it would show you a BSOD with somewhat valuable information instead of an ordinary auto reboot. You know how to disable that, do you?

Shibly 08-03-2007 03:57

how do i disable that?

Sieras 08-03-2007 04:00


Originally Posted by Shibly (Post 2370662)
how do i disable that?

Im2bad 08-04-2007 22:47

Neeh, the PSU is enough. Actually, I think a 350 watt should be enough too. I had my doubts about it when my card acted like this. Bought a new PSU only to find out that the drivers were the problem.

I say try different drivers. Pfft, the newest ones from nVidia aren't even installing on me. I'd say it's the overclock on my part, but I don't bother trying to find out.

.Vision 08-04-2007 23:58

I use a 350 watt PSU on my PCI-E 7600 GT with no problems so a 400 watt supply should be enough right?

saif 08-11-2007 18:52

i had once the same problem, but it was because i reduced the pagefile. if you touched it, get it back to default.

also try to update your directx

Shibly 08-17-2007 09:28


A few days ago, my monitor did not receive any signal from my graphic card. I brought my CPU to a computer shop and was informed that my graphic card could not start any longer.

As such, I purchased a new card - ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT. However, when I play oblivion again, I received the same problem.

Just to add, when this problem occurred, my keyboard, mouse can still function. I can also hear the sound coming from the game. The only thing is the message from my monitor saying 'Check Signal Input'. My nephew had recently played a flash game from and this thing happen as well.

So now, I don't think it is because of my graphic card nor can it be the game Oblivion itself. Also just to note that at the time when I purchased my 7600GS graphic card, I also purchased a motherboard and the PSU which I already mentioned. My motherboard is from Gigabyte (either 955X / 945 series).

I sincerely hope that the updated informations are useful for you to assist me. Thank you.

Shibly 08-17-2007 09:41

Hi, I just tried playing Far Cry and got the same problem..

vidra 08-17-2007 11:23

Hi Shibly, please fill in your specs.

It might be that your graphics card (drivers actually) changes the refresh rate which does not suit your monitor when it switches into 3D mode. Try disabling the refresh rate override.

Also, instead of posting twice in succession, try using the edit button in the bottom left corner of your post.

Shibly 08-17-2007 16:04

Hi, I apologise for posting in succession.

I have filled in my specs (as per my knowledge of it).

How do I disable the refresh rate override of my monitor? By the way, I have checked in Display Properties/Settings/Advanced under Monitor tab that my monitor screen refresh rate is set at 60 Hertz.

Bill Kunert 08-17-2007 18:29

When you replaced the nvidia card with the ATI did you remove the nvidia drivers? In addition to running the drivers via the add/remove programs area you might want to run Detonator Destroyer to remove all remnants of the nvidia stuff.

vidra 08-18-2007 00:34


Originally Posted by Shibly (Post 2388533)
Hi, I apologise for posting in succession.

I have filled in my specs (as per my knowledge of it).

How do I disable the refresh rate override of my monitor? By the way, I have checked in Display Properties/Settings/Advanced under Monitor tab that my monitor screen refresh rate is set at 60 Hertz.

You can use a very handy piece of software called Ati Tray Tools
(which does everything the catalyst control center does, only it is smaller) and choose -Direct3D-Refresh Rate Override and set to Disabled

Hope it helps :)

Shibly 08-18-2007 14:33

I do have catalyst control centre. how do i do so using this control centre?

also, under display options in the control centre, the 3D refresh rate override is already disabled.

vidra 08-18-2007 21:02

Well, then it's probably not it. Did you do what Bill Kunert said and removed the old drivers. I use Driver Cleaner Pro which you can download here:
Make sure you read and follow the instructions (like running Driver Cleaner in Safe Mode) and clean out all remnants of the old drivers.

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