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Triple-FX 03-26-2007 16:47

is this wise to buy?
hi i have the 7600gs with those huge heatspredders but now i oced my core to 500 mhz and my memory to 400mhz, i'd like to go higher so is it smart to by an air cooler for the 7600gs? or should i save the little money and buy me a nice keyboard (logitech g15)?

EDIT: if i go on air would i be able to go much further or not?

chrismeyer 03-26-2007 17:10

if u were to get a nice air cooler u should beable to clock ur card higher casue it'll beable to cool better

RossCorp 03-26-2007 18:45

You *might* get more out of your 7600....but the actual performance increase will be very small. I'd strongly recommend getting the G15, I have one and it's the best keyboard I've used, and I've used many!

Triple-FX 03-26-2007 21:01

as you see i have a low end pc so it would make it alot nicer with a machine like that on my desktop:)

maxfly 03-27-2007 16:02

i agree with Rosscorp.the cooler may help you get a few more mhz outta your gpu but it wont be noticable tbh.grab the g15.they are excellent keyboards.

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