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ginge51 10-13-2006 18:06

postman pat redone
had me in stiches this class clip:bigsmile:

zhackore 10-13-2006 19:06

hahah.... xrated nice :D

RapidWardrobe 10-13-2006 19:07

lolzor, this is funny

the_mad_medic 10-13-2006 19:33

Thats pretty sweet, but have you checked out this Pingu parody.

the_mad_medic 10-13-2006 19:34

Heres a 12min version of that Postman Pat clip

Edit - Typo (pad instead of pat)

RapidWardrobe 10-13-2006 19:38

lol this keeps getting better and better lmao

btw its postman pat, not pad :D

the_mad_medic 10-13-2006 19:42

lol :S
my bad :p

Loki91 10-14-2006 04:22


Originally Posted by the_mad_medic (Post 1978123)
Thats pretty sweet, but have you checked out this Pingu parody.

VERY nice

Runing Target 10-14-2006 11:34

funny clip: :oc:

heads_up 10-14-2006 14:29

haha, its 2am here right now and i ****en just cracked up laughing, haha im in sh!t now... lol

RapidWardrobe 10-14-2006 15:45

you dosey b**tard ahahah im going to start using that phrase irl from now on

edit-- b**tard was not stared out automatically

ginge51 11-08-2006 03:57

lol these postman pat vids got deleted due to copywrite infringement on youtube

jesus :(

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