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Fle@ 05-29-2006 08:41

Old cartoons restore 2 good ones
I just got the Looney Tunes Golden Collection all of the 3 Volumes and total like 176 cartoons not counting in the extras.

Fully restored and uncut. I think its the largest restoring of the looney tunes so far .Its worth the price range I see $49-$69 price per Volume. I must say they really gave them the royal treatment by WB.

Tom and jerry collection by WB came out late 90s and they too were given the redo treatment with 2 spotlight collections by WB. Theses were the first years of the Hanna-Barbera Years 1940-1958 almost 80 of the first 114 they made before stoppping and coming back years most they are they best .The sound and look for 99% is great there that 1% that is not at its best the early looney tunes were like this too even after restored.

anyways 2 great old time cartoons anyone else like old or new cartoons?

Ghz 05-29-2006 09:16

I used to be into those old cartoons untill I had seen them all twice over those were the days now these new cartoons just plain suck bawls.

spung bob.........WTF

Icebird 05-29-2006 10:24

I love old cartoons, but I'm a slave for Old Disney.

WCASD 05-29-2006 11:49

I love Tom and Jerry. I used to watch it all the time.

Nigh 05-29-2006 12:19

Yea old cartoons are the best. To bad not even one TV station here in Slovenia put them on their program...I miss Tom % Jerry, The Flintstones, SWAT Cats, Transformers (the original series)....

Ghz 05-29-2006 12:49

OMFG Tom&Jerry FTW

Insomniac34 05-29-2006 17:20

I'm a huge fan of the old Looney Toons cartoons. It's shame they never show them on TV here any more, they used to be on every Saturday morning up to 5 years ago or so. The new stuff is no match for the classics. I have the Golden Collections on my Netflix Queue, so I'll be getting them relatively soon. Can't wait.

orenda635 05-29-2006 18:04

I have volume 1 of the Loonie Toons Gold. Great set. DVD does justice to them that reruns on Teletoon can't.

dcx_badass 05-30-2006 00:42

Can't beat this, 5...4...3...2...1...Thunderbirds are Go!!!(it count as a cartoon?)

r3claim3r 05-30-2006 00:45

Aint no school like old school--when it comes to cartoons.

ROBSCIX 05-30-2006 00:47

LOL, I was always a fan of those early animea imports, Think of Voltron but alot earlier like early mids eighties..those fighting robot cartoons like..Gai King and Grandizer..Those cartoons Ruled man. Of course I loved the staples like T&J..We had a weird cable when I was younger.. I can't seem to remember anymore at the moment. Anybody remember any of the names of the shows I am talking about there was quite a few..

Sota 05-30-2006 01:01

Damn, I love the Looney Toones. They never fail to bring a smile to my face and get me laughing :D

TooRiski 05-30-2006 04:21

use to love watchin winnie the pooh bear on saturday mornings and thundercats

darknight909 05-30-2006 05:14

The first power rangers
rockos modern life
ren and stimpy
invader zim (new but cancelled)
the old rugrats

i wish i could think of more, cartoons used to be so good

Sota 05-30-2006 05:24

I used to watch the Animaniacs.

Pinky and the Brain and The Goodfeathers were a trip :P

gram_vaz 05-30-2006 22:40

orenda635 05-30-2006 22:52


Originally Posted by darknight909
The first power rangers
rockos modern life
ren and stimpy
invader zim (new but cancelled)
the old rugrats

i wish i could think of more, cartoons used to be so good

I used to watch all those except Invader Zim, which I've never heard of. A lot of the old cartoons are coming back, redone in an anime or quasi-anime style. The Ninja Turtles and Sonic the Hedgehog are back.

volkov956 06-01-2006 04:34

aint Invader ZIm a new cartoon....

scipio 06-01-2006 04:54

what about the smurfs


Morketh 06-01-2006 05:21

lol dont get me started on the new cartoons.. the fall of cartoons started with pokemon i believe .. wtf, all of the new ones are horrible!!

some of the movies are good i just finished over the hedge and i laughed a lot in it hehe i loved that one

Recrofne 06-01-2006 15:30

The cartoons way back then were great, now days though people seem to toss out whatever they can because they know some 5 year old will watch it.

I miss the days of Looney Toons, I miss waking up early before the rest of my family on weekends and looking forward to Voltron, Thundercats, He-Man, etc..

Part of the "decline" or whatever you wanna call it is probably due to us being used to the old school cartoons, which were great watching growing up. However, now that we are grown up we see this newer stuff and think it's crap. Though to be fair.... most of it is crap.

Something made me sort of sad the other day though; I was spending some time with my nephew and he had one of his friends there...anyway, I made a reference to Elmer Fudd and his friend goes "Who's that?". I mean come on! It's Elmer Fudd! Kids today just watch Sponge Bob and stuff, the "good" old school things aren't even known by many kids of this generation and I don't see it getting any better :(.

dcx_badass 06-01-2006 20:48

I'm 16 now so got a mixture of both new and old, and i gotta say the old was so much better all this new Nickelodeon crap, like fairly odd parents and stuff completely sucks, bring on the old stuff.

sonoma1983 06-05-2006 02:19

I miss the watching ducktales, tale spin, dark wing duck, chip n dale rescue rangers, The Jetsons, flintstones, Voltron, the orignal power rangers, scooby doo, thundercats, the orignal teenage muntant ninja turtles.

I've been looking on my satelite disney channel (Dish Network top120) for ducktales, talespin, darkwing duck, cant find them. They took off all these good old shows. The new shows are all crap imo

scoutingwraith 06-05-2006 06:50

i remember watching

tom and jerry
looney tunes
scooby doo (original series)
swat cats
speed racer
and the list goes on

Sota 06-05-2006 10:42

Wiley Coyote and the Road Runner were quite hillarious as well.

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