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Girn 09-26-2004 18:58

Norton Disk Doctor is really starting to PISS ME OFF!
Ok my file space is all ****ed up on my hd.. and I wanna fix the errors on it by running norton disk doctor.. whenever I run then stupid thing I ALWAYS get.. blah blah an appliction has exclusive access to components on the drive and disk doctor cannot run under these conditionsblah blah blah.. and let me tell u something.. this has ALWAYS happened to me, this is not the first time.. for norton 2003, norton 2002.. it has always happened to me in the past.. never have i been able to solve the problem.. i have tried running the windows disk doctor and same ****.. i went into the task manager and deleted all the process and same thing.. i scehduled a repair and same thinig... omg i feel like throwing my comp out the window

NvidiaFreak 09-26-2004 19:03

try to reformat your hd and install xp

alanc 09-26-2004 19:16

with norton 2004 and probably 2003 and 2002 you will have to schedule the test to run at boot time so that the prog will have exclusive access to the drive!

juke 09-26-2004 19:40

I've used Norton Disk Doctor. I'd say it's a bad prog! It messed my system more whenever I used it. Instead, use jv16 Powertools.

Devolution1 09-26-2004 20:27

anything with name norton end-users should avoid all the time. i would recommend you get HDD Regenerator. If you need a link for the proggy pm me ill give you a link..

Girn 09-26-2004 21:07

"try to reformat your hd and install xp" wow thanks for the useless information

adair_fett 09-26-2004 21:22

Norton Disk Doctor sucks, that jv16 powertools works pretty good for me.

Anything with norton on it, except Ghost and Speed Disk (IMO), really suck.

plu2ow 09-27-2004 00:42

norton programs truely truely suck... But the bad thing is once u uninstall them they leave more problems than ever... for example, any 'norton protected' files on your system are unrecognised by windows... i.e. the space they take up is...well.... gone:)
I had over 30 gigs missing hdd space which was 'protected' by norton after uninstalling it... had to friggin reinstall the bastard prog

symantec(excluding ghost)=cocknockers

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